Take Control.  Two simple words.  At least they sound easy enough.  And yet why do millions of us walk around daily with our lives laid out and planned for us.  You wake up when you have to, so you can get to work when they tell you to, eat lunch when they allow you to, take vacation when it’s okay with them, and even go home to be with your families when they say your “work” day is over!  Our lives are seemingly controled by them.

A year ago my husband Josh, and myself were introduced to an opportunity that gave us a chance to take control.  While financially we weren’t in a struggle, and most would LOVE to be where we were, we wanted more.  Not more money, but more time!!  Working a 9-5 (let’s get real it’s really a 7-5) left little time for family.  Having two young kids, it seemed like he was missing out on all the important stuff.  Vacations never happened, because A we didn’t have the money, and B we chose to take our vacation time to visit family back home.  No, we weren’t in a bind, and life wasn’t that complicated, but we knew there was better.

So we took the opportunity introduced and are currently working a few hours a week to produce a full time income.  We know that within the next year we will be able to permanately retire from the days of 9-5, allowing us to wake up when we are no longer sleepy, never feel rushed to get to a work place, eat when we feel hungry, vacation when we feel the itch, and more importantly, spend the time we so want watching our children grow up!!

So when will you Take Control!?  Do something today that is going to better your tomorrow!!


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